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Brain & Science Books for Christmas

 There is a good chance you will be spending quite some time at home this Christmas. So why not read a popular science book? Here is a list of my recommendations. Feel free to add yours in the Comment section below     My Top 10 Brain books for Christmas (Click the Books for the Amazon Link) Let's start with Behavioural Economics - Nobel Prize Winner Richard Thaler gets two books on the list with his accessible and intriguing way to explain economic decision-making Another Nobel Prize Winner with one of the best selling non-fiction classic of this century: Last on the Behavioural Economics list is   Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely  Let's change gears to some actual Neuroscience with  Gyorgy Buzsaki , who may not have (yet) a Nobel Prize, but he excels in making the most complex concepts of brain function accessible to everyone.  No easy read but of high quality:      Let's continue with Neuroscience and  Dan Quiroga with a focus on Memory a

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