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Free Machine Learning and Deep Learning Ressources & Learning Classes

 As I am preparing a new class for medical students I thought the Ressources may be useful for quite a number of individuals. There are a great many free and excellent classes and resources on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics and Data Science available.  Here is a list and please feel free to add to it in the comments: Nathan Kutz's and Steven Brunton's excellent Online Course on Data-Driven Science and Engineering UC Berkeley's  Full Stack Deep Learning Course 2021   The GTC2020 Tutorial - Dive into Deep Learning from Rachel Hu and Aston Zhang (AWS AI) Yann LeCun's & Alfredo Canziani's NYU great Course on Deep Learning Practical Deep Learning for Coders  Stanford's Machine Learning Systems Design Course 2021  Some further inforessoruces: || || ||   || ||  ||  https://read.deeplearni

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