Personalized Whole Genome DNA Sequencing

 What was an unimaginable feat 20 years ago is now accessible for everyone – Whole-genome DNA sequencing (WGS). I just got my first kit in the post so here is a short overview of what you may want to know as there has been quite some development as companies are trying to find the right business model.

How does it normally work? You order a kit, spit in it, send it back, wait (quite a bit) for data and analysis.  The current WSG industry standard is 30X sequencing that allows sufficient whole genome sequencing but may not catch de novo mutations. For those, you may want higher coverage like 130X Whole-exome sequencing for known targets. Generally, all options are based on 150bp paired-end reads (no worries if you don't know what that means).

so to the options:

Nebula Genomics – discounted rates start at 300$ for 30X. They have a subscription-based business model so effective costs will be higher depending on your choice and expertise in analyzing your DNA (30X + lifetime support is 500$). If you want to have higher confidence they now offer also a 100X WGS for around 1000-1200+$.


Dante Labs is a very attractive alternative to Nebula without the subscription model (but higher upfront costs). Also ships internationally, additionally offers a combined 30X WGS and 130X WES, and is a well-established leader in the field.


Both Dante and Nebula also offer DNA analysis services if you already have had your DNA sequenced but not yet analyzed. Oh and you can download the raw data at any time (be prepared it's a lot of data).

 Veritas Genomics – originally my first choice as they were the first player on the market however currently an uncertain option. Due to their financial insecurity earlier they currently lack clear info on their options. They also have an increased barrier as they require physician approval and access to your raw files costs extra.

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