Christmas Special - Geeky Science Presents for everyone

As we all know it is again this time of the year where the pressure mounts to find the ultimate present. The clock is ticking and Christmas will come sooner than you might envision. For the scientists out there or for people who love to buy or give geeky things, here is a nice overview over a couple of sites which should do the trick and help you with your quest.

One of the oldest and most successful shops out there - mainly focuses though on gamers and comic fans. Only few science related items. But it ships to quite a lot of places. I was surprised with this one, how much great science presents you can find. The concept of the shop is straight forward - you can customize specific products - and then allow Zazzle to sell it for you. So you will always get your cut with every product sold. On the plus side there are a lot of products with cool designs (e.g. search for Neuroscience, or you can even create your own) but on the down side - the product range is limited (cups, t-shirt, ....the usual). Another competitor in this area is

The next one is the online shop of the British Science Museum: Quite a lot of gadgets unfortunately not much related to Neuroscience for example. Here I am a bit disappointed (range wise), but still worth to check out - won't take too long. Similarly the Dublin Science Gallery has their own online shop - Again range is limited.

A small but certainly worth mentioning website is Anatomolgy. Originally started as a coping mechanism for her life problems, Amy  Sweetman certainly has created some fine products. 

It goes without saying that several auction sites like Ebay, are a good way to find some unique or maybe even antique science related presents. I can easily waste hours going through their science antique sections finding loads of cool stuff which I eventually won't buy. 

Generally, be advised to check first if the websites do ship and under what conditions to your country. Nothing worse, than paying 20€ shipment for a 10€ present. If you still could not find THE present maybe a visit to the nearest science museum might just do the trick. So then good luck with the present hunting!


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