200.000 and counting

Be warned some self-praising is coming .... :) About a year ago, I had a post about my first 10.000 visitors. Now another year has passed and my count has almost reached  50.000 (English and German version combined). Now in the second year of my blog my daily viewcount has increased from a mere 30-50 a day to around 200+ visitors. Interestingly also my English blog has caught up. Last year he accounted for only 30% of my overall visitors. By this year he accounts for about 45%. Still I will continue to write most of my blogposts in German as I believe Neuroscience related news and stories are quite underreported in the German language sphere.

Anyhow as in the previous blogpost my most visited blog entries overall. They remain fairly unchanged - Here is the list:
Science Tattoos
Rubrick's Cube - Whisdom of the Day
Human Connectome Project

Interestingly, all three blog posts account for almost all my visitors on my English channel.

And as I just realised not, this is also my 100. blogpost! Hoorah!

Well now I only have to thank you the visitor!

Update: 2 years later we have quadrupled the numbers and already had more than 200.000 unique visitors


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