Science Tattoos

A collection of amazing Science and particular Neuroscience Tattoos from around the world. 
Surely some show their dedication to the Science world by different ways! Thumbs Up! What's your favourite?

Science dedication tattoo


Science looks deeper and deeper

Amazing Neuronal Network Tattoo - My personal Favourite

DNA Foot Tattoo

Amazing Arm Anatomy Tattoo - looks unreal

Great Anagram

Cogito Ergo Sum Tattoo

Brain Tattoo

DNA Tree of Life

Capsaicin an active compound of chillis and thus irritating for human skin

Diazepam also known as Valium a GABA enhancer e.g. used for treating anxieties, depression,..

Impressive tattoo of the heart

DNA Monster

Another DNA tattoo

Mitotic Spindles

Retinal ganglion cell - important for image forming

From histones down to the double helix

Zebrafish - an important animal for Neuroscience research

Serotonin structure - important neurotransmitter and for happiness

Earth imprint onto a human brain within a Neuron

LSD - once a promising pharmaceutical drug - now mostly a feared psychodelic drug 
For more pictures check out the great Carl Zimmers Book on Science Tattoos


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