Cheating Level 101: The Man who made his wife his mistress

Once in a while you come across those rare jewels within the medical literature. This is one of them. Here is the case of a French Casanova who made his wife his mistress. To the best of his knowledge he was cheating on his wife with a complete stranger. I guess to impress on this new women in his life he even changed his usual sexual habits  (it is not reported in what ways exactly).  But luckily for him his wife did not file for a divorce because she was in fact the woman who seduced him one more time.

So how could this happen? In the world of Brain research this phenomena is called Capgras Syndrome. (For the German speaking audience my previous post on the syndrome with more details and cases). People suffering from this Syndrome experience a delusional misidentification of objects, places and most of the time people. They would for example  not recognise their parents in front of them but would treat them as fraudulent imposters. So Neuroscience has a good excuse if you cheat on your wife with your wife, but unfortunately I have to tell you, we still have no good excuse if you cheat on your wife with somebody else. That case won't get you into the medical literature. It will only get you straight into the hands of a divorce lawyer.

Source: Neurophysiol Clin. 2008 Jun;38(3):177-82. doi: 10.1016/j.neucli.2008.04.003. Epub 2008 Apr 23. An odd manifestation of the Capgras syndrome: loss of familiarity even with the sexual partner.
Thomas Antérion C, Convers P, Desmales S, Borg C, Laurent B.


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