Test your Brains big or small!

Always felt you can't remember any faces? Problems recognizing faces? Not able to keep anything in short-term memory? Just test it! 

I want to present two separate webpages dealing with Memory and Brain tests - if you know more let me know - neuralethes@gmail.com

First off, TestMyBrain.org from where I stole the nice picture. Set-up by Harvard University it is certainly a serious thing. As you have to agree to participate in the study you will not only test your brain, no you will also contribute to a research study. On the downside there are currently only 4 tests - so not much to choose  from, but certainly a smart Post-Doc idea to easily recruit participants. It will also take a while longer than the following page.

So next on, a non-research site - CognitiveFun.net. Here you will find a couple of more tests to choose from. Some attention- and reaction tasks, several n-back tasks and a spatial working task among others. You can play them as often as you want and improve your skill level. Once registered you can come back and have a look at your performance history and compare yourself against others.

Generally, if someone is about to play those games and tasks now obsessively  in order to increase his or her mental performances or IQ you might just be wasting your time. There is to my knowledge no conclusive evidence as of yet that any brain games increase your brain capabilities in the long term. 

Last but not least we also have something for the kids - Washington University has uploaded a number of small games, tests and exercises for kids of different age to get to know the brain a bit better. Check it out!

So maybe one or the other Faculty of Neuroscience or Psychology joins in and increases the number of serious online tests. One should not underestimate the internet in participant recruitment although of course as always it is not without problems. 


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