What happens when the PhD ends...what is next?

A new Science App might help you out!

Well, nowadays graduating with a PhD does by no means restrict you to academic research and University teaching. Too many PhDs worldwide are graduating each year to be accommodated by those institutions. And many young PhDs are anyhow often deeply dissatisfied with the structural, financial and personal problems at their old homes. So many are  just waiting to get out of the academic circle - the question however remains - how exactly do you do that? 

Often they see themselves as some sort of 'Science Geek' with no other skill set than what they know about their beloved science niche. Well that is certainly far from true and a new app is now helping those young scientists to evaluate, plan and manage their contacts and future.

Sounds like a great app, but is it really? After a short registration process you can fly away by building your individual development plan. The first section is self-assessment - trying to help to find your strengths and weaknesses as well as your interests. Since primary school I had my doubts about the quality of questionnaires and over the years it did not fade away. However, one or the other question might provide you with a new line on your CV which you might have forgotten otherwise

The second section provides you with helpful comments and career information, whereas the third section allows you to formulate and set goals for your future. If you like, you can opt for monthly email reminders. 

All in all not a bad idea. However, there will never be a perfect career planner for you out there, who will do the job for you - but this one might just help with a more structured approach to find your way through your future. In the end it is always up to you - your drive and determination to reach the goals you set yourself - whatever they are. Check it out @ http://myidp.sciencecareers.org/


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