Connectome Project

Human Connectome Project
Stunning data has been released by the Human Connectome Project - Brain wide Axonal labelling which visualises the main connection pathways between brain areas. Data is mainly based on genetic twin studies as well as  high-angular diffusion and diffusion spectrum imaging of around 50 subjects (at the moment). The dataset presented here holds great potential value not only for neuroscience presentations but mostly as a reference work for (not exclusively) brain scanning techniques. Additionally, it will drive the optimization of those highly advanced imaging methods. Check out their gallery for some examples

Reference: Humanconnectome Org. (2010). The Human Connectome Project. Journal of Vision11(15), 8-8. Retrieved from


  1. Johannes, thought you might be interested into looking at this:


  2. thanks for the link! looks like a very interesting discussion. have to watch it later in full and with my full attention :)


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