Planning your Career....Making the Right Moves

After the little Career App from last week I stumbled upon another useful resource pool.  The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has released a book helping with those things you normally only learn the hard way, by trial and error. And it might just be sometimes too late for that. The one faculty position you so desperatly wanted is gone... Certainly the book is mainly based on the US system, but there is something for everybody. I copied the index to give you a clear overview of what you can expect. The free 250 page book can be downloaded from their website: - It also includes a heap of links to other resource websites which may be of great benefit. Check it out and have a look! I doubt you will regret it.

Getting Funded
Understanding the NIH Funding Process 
Preparing a Strong Grant Application 
A Bit About Budgets 
Submitting Your Application 
The National Science Foundation 
Getting Published and Increasing Your Visibility 
A Brief Overview of Scientific Publishing 
Planning for Publication 
Getting Your Paper Published 
Increasing Your Visibility 
Understanding Technology Transfer 
University Technology Transfer Offices 
The Technology Transfer Process 
The Legal Terms and Agreements 
Sponsorship and Consultation 
Conflicts of Commitment and Interest
Setting Up Collaborations
The Varieties of Collaboration
Should You Collaborate? 
Setting Up a Collaboration 
The Ingredients of a Successful Collaboration 
Special Challenges for the Beginning Investigator 
International Collaborations 
When a Collaboration is Not Working 
Teaching and Course Design
Why Teach Well
Becoming an Effective Teacher
Planning to Teach a Course
The Principles of Active Learning 
Active Learning at a Medical School
Assessing Student Learning 
Course Design 
Teaching Others to Teach
Professional Considerations 


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